Routt County Peer Support

Helping Those Who Help Others

Peer Support is a nationally recognized program developed by law enforcement agencies and 

adopted by other emergency response departments to promote and provide mental health

and stress management support among individuals in high impact, emergency response-based careers.  Peer Support is effective as a first line of assistance and basic crisis intervention to assist fellow workers during times of acute or chronic stress. 

Peer Support is:

  • An interpersonal interaction that is based upon a common experience or history

  • A referral opportunity for further mental health support if needed

  • Voluntary and based on self-referral

  • Peer lead and clinically supported by a mental health professional

  • Free of charge

  • Confidential under Colorado statute C.R.S. 13-90-107(m) 

Peer Support is NOT:

  • On-going therapy

  • Informal conversations around the office

  • An EAP

Peers from law enforcement, fire services, dispatch and emergency medical services are all represented on the Routt County PST.  Peer Support members volunteer and donate their time, training and skills as a civic contribution to the emergency services community.  The unique collaboration between skilled peers and mental health professionals is the foundation of the organization and produces a high level of integrity and acceptance within the emergency service community. 









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North Routt Fire Protection District

Oak Creek Fire/EMS

West Routt Fire/EMS

Yampa Valley Regional Airport Fire Department (ARFF - Station 9)

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Routt County Sheriff's Office

Colorado State Patrol (Routt County)

Routt County Communications (Dispatch)

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Steamboat Ski Patrol

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Routt County Emergency Management 

Community Member Support

Information regarding support for  community members or other health care workers

Emergency Assistance

If you are a first responder looking to assist a community member following an emergency