This program is funded by donations and grant funding.

Provides crisis support services to businesses, organizations, schools and community members impacted by a critical incident or event with the goal of minimizing the impact of the event, accelerating the recovery process and educating participants on normal reactions to abnormal events


CCRT does not provide individual therapeutic services to community members.  

If you are in need of these services, please refer to 


CCRT Vision

The Community Crisis Response Team and its CISM model has multiple components that can be used during and after a crisis. These components include, acute crisis management and post -incident follow up. The purpose of CISM is to mitigate the impact of an event, accelerate the recovery process, and assesses the need for additional or alternative services.


Critical incidents are important, often stressful, events which have the potential to overwhelm one's usual coping mechanisms. A Critical Incident is not defined by the incident itself; it is defined by individuals and/or an organization’s reaction to what occurred.  

Who Do We Serve

The Community Crisis Response Team serves all community organizations and entities that may experience a traumatic event including but not limited to:

  • Routt County Schools (including CMC and CNCC)

  • Any Routt County Business

  • Church or religious entities

  • Local Routt County non-profits

  • Any homogenous group who witnessed a traumatic event such as a car crash or horrific incident

What is a Critical Incident

Any event with significant emotional power, strong enough to produce unusual or distressing reaction. A critical incident is so unusual or intense that it overwhelms ones normal coping abilities.

RCCS is always looking for community members who want to join our team
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Therapeutic Support

Our therapeutic support team


Community Member Support

Information regarding support for  community members or other health care workers


Emergency Assistance

If you are a first responder looking to assist a community member following an emergency