This program is funded by donations and grant funding for all agencies in Routt County.

1st Responder

Wellness Program

  • No 800-number to call.

  • No stranger on the other line. 

  • No travel outside the county.

  • No EAP and no HR hoops to jump through.

  • Built by a 1st Responder and lead by mental health professionals trusted by 1st Responders.

This program lets you personally choose, connect with and trust your mental health provider or Peer Support Team Member to get any mental or emotional support you need.

If you are a 1st Responder in Routt County or an immediate and local family member of a 1st Responder, and you need confidential peer-to-peer support OR clinical support hit the "request support" button to initiate your request. 

People looking for assistance can contact a Peer Support Team Member or the Peer Support Coordinator and make a confidential request for further assistance.


This program supports:

282 Routt County

First Responders

600 +

Family Members

Thank you to these organizations for supporting 1st Responder mental health in Routt County