What is Critical Incident Stress

Critical incident stress can produce reactions which may interfere with, or overwhelm one’s abilities to function or cope either at the scene or later.  Critical incident stress can affect work, social, or personal functions and is a normal reaction to an abnormal event.

What is a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing?

  • A seven-phase, structured group process usually conducted 24-72 hours after a critical incident.

  • An opportunity to process impactful event with individuals who were also impacted by the event.

  • A proven method of immediate mental and emotional support that helps with the processing of a critical event and reduces the incidence of PTSD around the event.

  • An opportunity to increase awareness on what to expect and look for in themselves, family members, friends or co-workers in the days or weeks following the event. Take-home educational materials will also be available to provide additional information.

  • CISD is not constitute any form of psychotherapy and it should never be utilized as a substitute for long-term psychotherapy.

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