Routt County

Crisis Support

Routt County Crisis Support

is a non-profit, 501(c)(3)

There are three programs run through this non-profit that offer behavioral and financial support for people of Routt County following a critical incident.

Routt County
Emergency Assistance

Routt County Emergency Assistance communicates with Routt County FIre and 1st Responder Agencies regarding people in the county who are in need of emergent assistance following a loss of property or way of life.

Community Crisis  Response Team

Community Crisis Response Team will provide crisis support services to Routt County businesses, organizations, schools, and community members impacted by a critical incident or event.  The CCRT is dedicated to providing confidential interventions, guidance and leadership in the area of critical incident stress management for the Routt County Community.


Routt County
1st Responder Mental Health Assistance Program

In conjunction with the Routt County Peer Support Team, this program offers  confidential mental health support to all Routt County 1st Responders and their immediate family members.